Robyn Kitsutaka, Executive Director –
Denver Native and 18 year Lafayette Resident, Robyn Kitsutaka, joined the (EC)^2 family in November 2018 as the organization’s Executive Director. With 20 years of experience working in the education/non-profit world, she has helped individuals, organizations and communities work together in dynamic complimentary ways. Most of her work has taken her to communities throughout the country so she is excited to now be working in the community in which she lives. In her spare time, Robyn likes traveling, cooking, dancing and watching foreign films.

Meg Ferron, Program and Administrative Manager, LPEP & CTC –

Melissa Horne, Program Manager, Artist in Residence and Therapist –
Originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Melissa Horne earned her undergraduate degree at Appalachian State University, where she studied fine art, interdisciplinary studies, and psychology. She relocated to Colorado in 2013 to complete her Masters of Arts in Contemplative Psychology and
Buddhist Psychotherapy at Naropa University. Melissa’s training includes mindfulness practice,
curriculum development, trauma informed care, group facilitation, and one-on-one therapy; skills that she continues to apply as a counselor, mentor, artist, and program facilitator.  She has supported
numerous organizations in both North Carolina and Colorado, as well as completed her graduate school practicum and internship at the Empowerment Center of East County. In her free time, Melissa enjoys music, painting, camping, and spending time with Nyx, whom Melissa is training to be a therapy dog and has emerged as (EC)^2’s “Happiness” Manager.

Chris Woodward, Clinical Intern Supervisor
A Lafayette-based therapist (LCSW), Chris has a diverse background in the healing profession.  He has worked with various non-profit and for-profit agencies including mental health centers, residential substance abuse facilities, and in private practice.  In addition to his clinical work, Chris facilitates workshops focused on psychological interventions for organizations and professionals.  

Contracted Student Staff, Interns, Mentors & Volunteers 2016-present

Audrey Brazeel, Digital Marketing, Website, & Graphic Design Contractor

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Alec Manalac-Kwasna
Alicia Rennix
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Ydrenni Caparachini
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