Art for Social Change

Adhering to the organization’s founding mission, weekly after-school programs seek to introduce Lafayette elementary school students to the arts and community-based learning as viable vehicles for social change.

Art for Social Change
Art has been used to create positive social change for centuries. In addition to exploring the role that the arts continue to play when addressing social issues, students create public art to generate awareness about issues that directly impact themselves and the greater community. In the process, students acquire key public and artistic skills, build community, and recognize their inherent capacity to create change.

In partnership with the Aspinwall Community Center, (EC)^2 currently hosts Art for Social Change at 771 Excelsior Place on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 p.m. Art for Social Change is also offered as an after-school program at Alicia Sanchez International Elementary and Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer during the academic year. For more information, contact

  • Art for Social Change- Pioneer Elementary 2016-2017